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Infant and Child Development Program

Let’s Play on the Floor!

One of the best ways to support your baby’s overall development is by getting down and playing with them on the floor. There is no better place to play and practice tummy time, head lifting, rolling, sitting and crawling, than on a floor that is safe and free of hazards, while under the watchful eyes of a parent or caregiver. Using large colourful foam mats on the floor can make the space more child friendly and remember, they can’t fall off the floor!

Look what we can do together!

baby on tummy with Dad
a babby sitting on floor with mom
a baby playing with a toy on the floor
a baby and child playing on the floor
A Baby being read to on the floor
a Child Baby and Mom playing on the floor

Let’s play peek-a-boo!

Baby palying peek-a-boo Hiding behind Blanket
Baby palying peek-a-boo paritally Hiding behind Blanket
Baby palying peek-a-boo no longer hiding behind Blanket

If you live in Lanark County and would like more information, you can call the Lanark Infant and Child Development Program.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s health or development, please contact your Health Care Provider.

Download a printable PDF copy of the "Let’s Play on the Floor" Information Sheet.