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You heard it, we now have a Facebook Page where you can see more information about our program, provide feedback on service needs and contact us for questions or support. We frequently post information here related to upcoming events or activities so like our page to get regular updates.

Our Team

We are a team of highly qualified behavioural professionals composed of Board Certified Behavioural Analysts, Senior Autism Therapists, Lead & Level 1 Autism Therapists. We also have a Family Support Co-ordinator, and group services coordinator on our team.

What we offer

At LLGAS we offer a unique services based on a child/youth’s specific strength & needs. Depending on the goals that may be identified and selected, we will help you develop a behavioural plan of service for your child. We can offer service within an individual, group or combined setting

Service Options

All of our services can be provided in-person or virtually using an online platform

Service Navigation & Service Planning –FREE of Charge

Finding the right ABA service that fits can be a daunting task and we can help you prioritize, determine what skills you want to focus on and decide on what type of service is most beneficial. Our Coordinated Autism Team which includes a Family Support Coordinator, Speech & Language Pathologist, Behavioural Clinician and other professional as needed, and we would be happy to assist you to understand and make service decisions that you can feel confident in.

Foundational Family Services Phase 1 -FREE of Charge

These foundational Workshops are available to all families of children diagnosed with ASD who reside in Ontario. Topics include Parent Education on Applied Behaviour Analysis, ASD, Communication, Play & Social Skills, Transitions, School Readiness, Sleep, Eating and Toileting. Foundational Family Services will be undergoing further development this fall, so stay tuned.
To see more information about this from MCCSS please visit

Please see link below to see what we are currently offering in our calendar of events & how to register!!

Behavioural Consultations (Individual or Series)

Direct consultation involves decreasing problematic behaviour &/or increasing functional skills
Either a Lead Autism Therapist or a Board Certified Behavioural Analyst, depending on focus, offers these consultations to families. Initial consultation could involve your child receiving a brief informal assessment. All consultation include a summary report with suggestions outlined and include a follow up check in by phone.

Professional Consultations

Do you work in a school, daycare or community setting and require some behavioural support or consultation? This service is intended to offer you a professional consultation with a BCBA and provide you with a report to help you better understand and effectively address challenges in your workplace.


An assessment helps to measure skill deficit and/or excess through indirect and direct analysis of data collected. This process allows for the most appropriate and ethical formation of goals to be determined for implementation. This process informs an individual behavioural programme for a child/youth.

Individual Intensive Behavioural Therapy (1:1 Support)

This service is geared towards meeting the learning needs of children and youth who have complex needs.  Complexity could include repetitive restrictive behavior habits, undesirable behavior which affects daily living, and/or very limited behavior repertoires across developmental domains.   Assessment and programming are designed and overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  With this model, a therapist would be assigned to help directly teach both the child/youth skills and would provide guidance and support to those who are involved with the child/youth.  Intensive services are usually defined by 1:1 ratio and hours of service will be determined on an individual basis, and will be based upon assessment results. Every child in this service receives an individual behavioural plan.

Focused Behavioural Therapy (1:1, Dyad, Triad or group)

This service is similar to Individual Intensive therapy but usually with less targeted goals (i.e. 3 or less) and over a shorter duration of service. Depending on the needs of the child, the targeted skills, and the most effective teaching environment this service can occur over a variety of settings.

ABA Skills Development Groups

Our ABA Skills Development Groups are developed to offer an evidence-based program that improves core learning skills in the areas of behavioural & emotional regulation, social skills, communication skills, and activities of daily living. This program involves the application of individualized teaching techniques and behavioural strategies based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Small peer groups are matched around age & skill need and can run anywhere from 4-12 weeks in duration. Each week there are new learning objectives and skills are learned using a variety of tools & activities. Participants are given opportunities with peers to practice and parents are offered coaching and support to further assist skill practice at home. Clinical consultation is available to this service.


Camp ARCS (Activities of Daily Living, Regulation, Communication and Social Skills) is a unique recreational summer program for children & youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Supported by our team of Autism Therapists, we provide a motivating environment for kids to experience the joys of various camp activities in small group settings focusing on a variety of skills using ABA strategies. The camp build on the interests and abilities of each participant while encouraging participants to explore peer relationships, self help skills, communication and self-regulation.

If you are interested in our fee-for service options, please contact us at 613-257-7619 or send us an email at and we will have a Family Support Coordinator speak with you.

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