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Lanark Autism Support Group

The Lanark Autism Support Group Logo                 "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"

The Lanark Autism Support Group (LASG) was established in January of 2008. LASG
was established to fill a void in the community – we are the first and only autism support
group in the area. Together we’re improving lives in Lanark.

We are a connected group of parents, support workers, professionals and family members
who meet monthly to discuss relevant issues, to advocate for ourselves and our children,
and to support one another. We have a wide variety of guest speakers and boast one of
the largest participation rates of any non-profit support organization in Lanark County.

You are never alone

Raising a child with Autism requires the commitment of family, friends, neighbours and communities.  The LASG is one community that is always there to care, share and help.

You are always welcome to join us the first Monday of every month to discuss ideas and concerns regarding Autism, our children and our families.  We meet at 7:00 pm at the Lanark Community Programs Office, 30 Bennett Street, Carleton Place, ON. however on occasion the meetings take place at another location be sure to check the LASG website for up-to-date information

Feel comfortable with our judgement-free, open door policy and informal, yet organized environment.

We are all graced.  Nothing is ever perfect.  But when you have friends and family to share with, you know your life is special and meaningful.

That’s why we meet.  To lift each other up, to let each other know that we’re not alone, and to remind each other that all of our children are cherished gifts.

Every month you’ll know that we in this together, as we help soften the lows and raise the highs!

Throughout the year LASG hosts a variety of events, some for the community and some
specifically for members. Examples include raffles, our annual Walk for Autism, swim days,
family picnics and many more.

Monies raised by LASG go directly towards supporting our families in a variety of ways.
Our most recent initiative has been our Autism Resource Room, which provides free
lending of resource materials to anyone who wants or needs to learn more about autism
and its related challenges. The resources include books, as well as free access to a
computer and internet. There are also sensory and learning toys available to be
borrowed so that children and families may try out these expensive items.

For further information on the Lanark Autism Support Group (LASG), visit us at: Vist is the Autism Support Group on Facebook

For general information related to Autism, including other suggested links both nationally and internationally, visit the Geneva Centre for Autism at