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Speech and Language Development Program

What do we do?

For Children with Communication Difficulties

Children and their caregivers are seen for an initial assessment of the child’s communication.  We observe the interaction between the child and family members and assess the child’s strengths and needs.  We learn of the family’s expectations and goals regarding communication.  We design a personalized program meant to improve communication skills, and make referrals to other programs where necessary.

We provide a range of interventions based on current best practice in our field. This can include group intervention, caregiver consultation at school or daycare, home programming, parent education/intervention and individual intervention.  Parent involvement and participation is a vital component to all our interventions.

Parent Education/Intervention. We offer many different Hanen® training programs for parents, caregivers and teachers.  Each program includes: interactive group sessions and individual consultation through videotaping and feedback.  These programs are led by Hanen Certified SLPs.  We also provide workshops on a variety of other communications topics when there is sufficient interest.

Group intervention is our primary service delivery model.  We offer many different types of groups to meet the different needs of our client.  Groups are a fun, interactive and effective way to work on speech- language skills with preschoolers. In addition the group allows us to develop some readiness skills for school success and develop peer interaction and social language skills.  

Caregiver Consultation involves collaborating with care providers or teachers and developing communication techniques for a specific child for that environment.  We work closely with other involved programs such as the Lanark Early Integration Program, Infant and Child Development Program in this model.

Individual intervention is offered as a service for specific speech-language concerns.  Often these are the clients with the most severe motor speech difficulties and fluency challenges.  This type of intervention is intensive and require parent involvement in the session and at home.  We demonstrate and teach communication techniques to the parent or caregiver so they can use these techniques on a daily basis. 

Home programming is offered to all our clients following the initial assessment and periodically through their time with us when it is appropriate.

For Adults with Communication Difficulties

We do an initial consult/assessment to assess the current needs. Caregiver consultation is provided to the family or community partner or caregiver as required.


We also provide workshops on a variety of other communications topics when there is sufficient interest.

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